COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL concrete protective floor systems for 20 mils - 1/4 inch applications. High chemical resistance, 100% non-porous. Long lasting, easy to clean and produces the highest quality industrial epoxy flooring.. Uses on a wide array of flooring surfaces including indoor concrete flooring, aggregate flooring, and unlimited cement floor coverings.

DECORATIVE FLOORS: Clear, seemless, epoxy mixture with colored aggregate for decorative floors.


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Epoxy flooring is a specially designed coating that is applied over your existing floor. The coating hardens and becomes a protective barrier that is resistant to damage, spills and other issues common to floors.

  • SAFETY: Over time, regular floors come loose from the ground causing tiles to stick up, or impact from large items or machinery can cause concrete floors to crack and create the flooring equivalent to potholes. Epoxy flooring is incredibly durable and will never come loose and thus remedies those safety problems. It pours on as a liquid and hardens into a single piece of flooring, so there are no tiles to stick up or come loose. There are no seams either, so it reduces the risk of cracking.
  • DURABILITY: Epoxy flooring is also durable and can bear anything from weight to impact without a scratch. Factory and warehouse owners benefit from it because of its safety aspect and its durability, making it highly sought after in new construction.
  • APPEARANCE: Epoxy flooring can also benefit how your floor looks by locking in that look of freshness. You never have to worry about your exquisite flooring designs becoming faded or dirty from being walked or driven on. The epoxy is clear and shiny, protecting the flooring underneath and keeping it looking vibrant no matter how many people walk on it.
  • EASE OF CARE: When the floor becomes dirty or something is spilled on it, cleaning it up is simple. There are no creases for liquid and dirt to get into or for porous material to soak through. Mop the area and it will be good as new.
  • EXTENDED LIFE: The coating helps to extend the life of your flooring as well by protecting it from all the elements. Your floor stays pristine for years and you never have to worry about it again. Imagine the monetary savings by not having to budget for floor renovations and replacement. There will be no need for staining or tile replacement every few years.
  • REMEDIAL: If your floor already has existing cracks or breaks, when the epoxy is applied, it seals those areas and keeps cracks and breaks from spreading. There will be no uneven flooring when epoxy is applied.
  • VERSATILITY: At home, epoxy is perfect for garages that have gone from simply a place for your car to an all-purpose tool or craft room. The non-slip epoxy surface provides a safe alternative to the concrete, possibly already slippery from oil or other items.