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MidNorth Epoxy Flooring has introduced a new water based epoxy cement overlay that dramatically reduces drying time! The chief benefit to customers is drastically reduced operations downtime without losing the durability and shock resistance for which Mid North Epoxy floors are noted.
Location uses are numerous and include meat and dairy farm processing areas, pulp and paper processing, bakeries, and any areas that require high temperature washing.
The application involves a three-component trowelable epoxy/cement slurry that has outstanding performance in damp areas and high heat exposure areas.


  • Withstands heavy and abusive service
  • Flows and levels better than urethane version
  • Cures down to 40 degrees F
  • Moisture insensitive
  • Withstands dry heat, up to 300 degrees F


  • Food and Chemical processing
  • Bakeries
  • Warehouses
  • Cook/Chill areas
  • Sanitize/Wash areas
  • Pulp/Paper processing
  • Meat/Dairy/Fish processing
  • Slaughter Houses